Traits of Modern Bloggers Who “Got It”

There were 42,000,000 blogs in 2012, and this number grows daily by a staggering amount. But with that high quantity, often there is a lack of quality. Less than 1% of blogs are able to deliver spectacular results. In addition to this the blogging paradigm changed dramatically. Blogging today is more about building trust and long-term relationships with readers, than just a means of monetizing traffic. How to be successful with this new paradigm?

1)      Needs of the new paradigm. You have to be caring, unique and engaging. Engagement is the goal which you should be trying to achieve as a blogger in the 21st century. Don’t just “post” – engage your audience. Communicate to your readers and project your exclusive vision.

2)      User-friendly design. Usability is one of the things on your website which has to be stellar. You may think that your design is perfect, but stop for a minute and look on how you want your website to function, and how your visitors want it to be. Feel this difference. You’re doing it for them, right? Meet their requirements. Make it simple, useful and beautiful. These parameters need to be mixed in the right proportion.

3)      Paid content promotion. It endorses your status and engages your audience. Be sure to remember that there are still a lot of scams in this business. To the contrary you have MGID and StumbleUpon which are able to make your website a winner. These companies, unlike other scams provide a great service. And they are not the only ones. Today you can choose paid content promotion which corresponds to your exact needs.

That’s all. I bet you wanted to read more but that’s a good way to start. Follow these tips and see how your blogging experience changes.