Lessons of Audience Engagement: Keep Them Coming Back!

Every website owner wants their visitors to come back. This is one of the most important goals which bloggers and publishers set in today’s world of digital media. The key to keep them coming back is engagement. It makes the formula look very simple – “Engage your audience and it will keep coming back!”. Formula is simple, implementation is difficult. Let’s get acquainted with the basics of audience engagement:

1)      Communicate and be responsive – I’m sure you have an outstanding personality. If you don’t think so, think again. Everyone has it. Just take it and show your best side on the pages of your website. Make it shine! Communicate with your audience and see what happens. At first you might not get a lot of comments, but as time passes people start to notice you. They start to share their opinions and ask questions. Interact with them, be responsive. Your readers will soon start to communicate with their friends and bring new people to your website. Make it a nice place to be so that readers would like to come back for your posts & your terrific personality!

2)      Maximize usability of your website – this is the most basic element of audience engagement. How can a user be engaged if he can’t even navigate and use your website properly? Spent some time to read relevant guides on the web, and maximize your website usability to improve engagement. The old “K.I.S.S.” principle holds true here: Keep It Simple, Stupid!

3)      Use audience engagement platforms – the easiest and the fastest way to engage your audience is to use audience engagement services. Today many services like this are happy to offer you their talents, but I’m able to recommend you only two – LBi and MGID. Others often get scamy, while MGID and LBi keep their standards high. Their impressive approach to audience engagement will greatly benefit your website, and make your visitors return again and again.

These basics work for everyone, but these are only basics. If you want to find more information on the topic – Google it, ask your friends or implement your own initiatives. And remember that an engaged audience always comes back.